Supporting Research by Mapping Flow Fields in Physical Models of Geoscience Phenomena

Quantifying complex fluid behavior through examination of 3D flow structures.


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Experimentally Mapping Water Surface Elevation, Velocity, and Pressure Fields and Pressure Fields of an Open Channel Flow Around a Stalk

Quantification of velocity and pressure fields over streambeds is important for predicting sediment mobility, benthic and hyporheic habitat qualities, and hyporheic exchange. Here, we conduct the first experimental investigation of reconstructed water surface elevations and three-dimensional time-averaged velocity and pressure fields quantified with non-invasive image techniques for a three-dimensional free surface flow around a barely…
Profile view of the experimental setup of the 2D model salmon redd. Here flow above the redd is from right to left.

Revealing surface-subsurface flow interactions of the salmon redd

The Volumetric Velocimetry System equipment is being used to study surface-subsurface flow interactions in a physical model of a salmon redd at the University of Idaho, Center for Ecohydraulics Research.  Female salmonids bury their eggs in streambed gravel by digging a pit where they lay their eggs, which they then cover with gravel from a…