What We Offer

Volumetric Velocimetry System

The Volumetric Velocimetry System (VVS) was purchased from LaVision.  The physical components of the system include four high resolution imaging cameras, a duel Nd:YAG pulsed laser, a programmable timing unit, and a GPU processing and acquisition computer.  The system can operate with dual-frame image capture at rates up to 25 Hz. The software components of the system include a DaVis 10 software license, with options to process in the Tomographic Particle Image Velocimetry (TPIV) mode as well as in the Shake the Box (STB) mode (a Volumetric Particle Tracking Velocimetry processing mode).  In addition, a software option to calculate the pressure field from the measured velocity field was purchased.  The system includes three lens sets such that the volume of view may be set from small (2x2x0.7 cm3) to large (20x20x6 cm3). 

Aquatic Imaging Flume (AIF)

The University of Idaho (UI) Center for Ecohydraulics Research has a Service Center arrangement which supports internal UI users and external users (other universities, government agencies and laboratories, and private companies) of our laboratory facilities as well as the VVS.   Please see this link on the CER site for additional information and contact information.

Aquatic Imaging Flume

The Center for Echohydralics (CER), recently finished designing and fabricating a new Aquatic Imaging Flume (AIF) at the Idaho Water Center in Boise. The new flume features large tempered glass side windows and floor for optical access to conduct Particle Imaging Velocimetry (PIV) and other optical measurement techniques. The AIF is 7 meters long with width configurable to between one half meter or one meter. Water will be recirculated through the flume from the approximately 1,000 gallon reservoir box at up 500 gallons per minute. The flume was designed and fabricated by Jeff Reeder who is a Postdoc with CER with funding from the National Science Foundation. The flume is being used by CER faculty and graduate students and will be available for collaborative projects after it is fully commissioned.